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    This section of learning objects consists of items considered to be of general interest to GIL Librarians in Georgia

  • 10 Reasons Why the Internet Is No Substitute for a Library
  • Submitted By: ALA by Mark Y. Herring, Dean of Library Services, Winthrop University
    In an effort to save our culture, strike a blow for reading, and, above all, correct the well-intentioned but horribly misguided notions about what is fast becoming Intertopia among many nonlibrarian bean counters, here are 10 reasons why the Internet is no substitute for a library.

  • Plagiarism Tutorial at the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Submitted By: University Libraries, The University of Southern Mississippi
    The following tutorial was adapted from Robert A. Harris's book The Plagiarism Handbook : Strategies for Preventing, Detecting, and Dealing with Plagiarism, Los Angeles, CA : Pyrczak Publishing, 2001:

  • University System of Georgia Copyright Policy
  • Submitted By: University System of Georgia
    As a system devoted to providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education to students; pursuing leading-edge basic and applied research, scholarly inquiry, and creative endeavors; and bringing intellectual resources to the citizenry, the University System of Georgia is committed to respecting the rights of copyright holders and complying with copyright law.
    URL: USG Copyright Policy

  • Email Etiquette (Source: Dalton State College)
  • Submitted By: OCIS Staff
    Know some guidelines when using e-mail to communicate with others.

  • What Is the HathiTrust & What Is It Doing?
  • Submitted By: Katie Gentilello
    This is a link to streaming video of Brandon Butler and Peter Jaszi's HathiTrust presentation at the Georgia Institute of Technology Library on 13 February 2012. The host is Katie Gentilello, Digital Projects Coordinator for Scholarly Communication and Digital Services at the Georgia Tech Library.
    URL: (83:34 min.)

  • The Online Library Learning Center
  • Submitted By: Staff
    A series of self-paced tutorials guiding the user through the steps in doing a research project. The OLLC was designed for use as a bibliographic instruction unit for University System of Georgia students.
    URL: The Online Library Learning Center - OLLC